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Paul Malley

Thursday 28th Jun, 2012

With the constant stream of articles on budget cuts, falling contractor activity and increased cost of legislation such as AWR, it can be very easy to generalise and assume that everything is doom and gloom. The good news is that we all work in a huge market which will continue to be very important in the future and so we should maintain a sense of perspective.

So when we hear that staff billings decreased again in May, we should keep in mind that according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) contractors will still account for 27% of all new hiring in 2012.

And when we read that nearly half of firms have been affected by the introduction of the Agency Workers Directive we should note that there are still significant opportunities as according to the Manpower 2012 Talent Shortage, a third of organisations are unable to find the talent they need with the right technical expertise and employability skills.

So whether contractor, consultant, provider or agency the key is to focus on developing and enhancing your offering as there is still a large market. At PayStream we are looking to continually enhance our service through our people and our systems.
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