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An insight into our IT capabilities

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Alex Victoratos

Thursday 28th Jun, 2012

Modern businesses are at the mercy of their software and with agility being one of PayStream's core values, the ability to rapidly bespoke our applications and web portals is key to staying on top of legislation, opportunity and most importantly - customer needs!

As such, we have a large team of developers that are experienced in .NET and agile SCRUM methodologies, meaning we have the expertise in-house to work on everything from our desktop CRM applications to the web portals including our new online limited company offering, My PSC Online, which has been designed from the ground up to allow contractors to manage their accounts proactively.

Building your own software isn't easy and there are certainly some tough challenges involved with accounting applications, but the team are fantastic and relish working on the complicated projects and are rightly proud of their work. We've got some big plans over the next 12 months most imminently focussing on developing our web applications, delivering all kinds of exciting functionality.

As with any successful company, we're always looking for new ideas, applications or features that would make the lives of our consultants and contractors easier and are always open to suggestions. Given this, if you have any ideas please send them through to
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