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Online functionality for My PSC coming soon

Paystream News

Wednesday 25th Jan, 2012

We have recently gone live, to a pilot group of customers, with our new look and feel online functionality and are now entering the final stages of testing before it is released to all our PSC customers.

The new functionality builds on the current expenses portal and will provide PSC contractors with all of the information needed to manage their company finances from the online portal.

Feedback from the pilot group so far has been very promising and once this is released, we will continue to add new and exciting features!

The features available on the initial release include:

  • A dashboard where all of your information is in one place and is accessible anywhere, anytime, in a user-friendly and straightforward way.
  • A summary of your company's important figures so that you can understand your available to withdraw, at a glance, without going through all of the detail.
  • A 'To Do list' which will detail any upcoming or outstanding payments of tax and statutory documents so you can avoid any penalties and charges.
  • A tax timeline so that you can plan well in advance of any future payments.
  • Visibility of your company bank statements so all of your information is in one place

We are really excited about releasing this new functionality to our PSC contractors and are looking forward to your feedback.

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