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The role of our Client Relationship Managers (CRMs)

Paystream News

Wednesday 15th Jun, 2011

Managing the relationship with some of PayStream's largest clients can be a varied, challenging and hugely enjoyable role. As well as seeking out new opportunities, our CRMs support consultants in any payroll related issues they have, from general queries, to specific issues with individual contractors.

Fortunately, some of our clients are achieving growth even in the current challenging economic climate, and with many new recruits being fresh to the industry our CRMs regularly provide training on Umbrella and Limited Company services.

Obviously the current hot topic is the upcoming AWR legislation. Most of our larger clients are in the process of developing procedures to cope with the changes, and we've been very active in helping our clients with this. On a day to day level, the CRMs have been providing an overview of the legislation to consultants to ensure that they have a good understanding of the subject and what their responsibilities are, and make sure they can deal with questions from their candidates.

Ultimately, we want to make the payroll process as straightforward as possible for consultants and ensure that their contractors receive the best possible service. The more pressure our CRMs can take off consultants, the more time they have to secure more placements which is obviously a win – win situation.
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