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How satisfied are our customers?

Paystream News

Wednesday 15th Jun, 2011

As you would expect from a service provider, our main focus is to continuously improve the level of customer service we offer our customers. Our 2011 satisfaction survey of our umbrella service was carried out online, for the first time, and received a fantastic response. It proved to be a great platform for our contractors to provide their opinions online at their own convenience.

Our headline responses include:

  • 91% of our contractors would recommend PayStream to a friend
  • 91% of our contractors rated the speed we answer our telephone as 'good' or 'excellent'
  • E-mail responses issued were deemed to be excellent in terms of speed of response, ease of understanding and professionalism
  • 94% of our contractors felt the volume of e-mail communication received was 'just right', proving that we don't believe in bombarding you with information overload.
  • Less than 1% of our contractors felt their pay was not processed on time and we are working hard to identify what the issues were to try and work towards reducing this figure down to zero.
  • 92% of our contractors rarely need to call the PayStream offices due to the fact that we ensure everything is explained in a jargon free way.

The focus now is to continue to maintain the areas of success as identified from the feedback and also to ensure any suggestions for improvement and change are thoroughly considered and implemented. Watch this space for future changes in the October e-newsletter!

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