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PayStream and the AWR

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Julian Ball

Wednesday 24th Aug, 2011

With the introduction of the Regulations only a month away recruitment agencies are finalising strategies for mitigating their risk. We have spent time with a good number of agencies and have been surprised at the differing approaches even between those working in the same sector.

There are some trends however:

  • An acknowledgement that it will be easier to deal with a smaller number of umbrella companies post AWR which has led to a focus on PSLs.
  • An acknowledgement that PSCs are likely to be outside scope under AWR.
  • A move away from derogation models. When the Regulations were first published there was a definite appetite for such models and we were asked to confirm that we would be operating a derogation model by a number of agencies. Reputational risk and concerns about the longevity of such models have made some agencies think twice.
  • Agencies that have carried out a risk assessment are generally more comfortable with the traditional umbrella since they have identified that the majority of workers are paid more than the full time equivalent.

PayStream and the AWR is a guide that we've put together to give you a quick overview of AWR along with how PayStream is approaching its implementation.

You can download a free copy of our guide here.

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