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Kerry Hull

Wednesday 24th Aug, 2011

It's always nice to put a face to a name so this is our chance to let you get to know who you are working with a little more closely.
Julian Ball, Legal Director
Legal Director. I make sure we keep up to date and
compliant with changes in legislation as well as ensuring
that customers receive a first class service.
About me: I try to enjoy myself as much as I can both at
work and home. I love working at PayStream because
there is a great team spirit.
Career / Personal high: I worked as a lawyer in
Singapore for 3 years which was fantastic – great food,
great lifestyle. I got to travel around Asia with work, went
to the Hong Kong sevens which had been a lifelong ambition
and sailed a yacht round the Great Barrier Reef.
Likes: Playing golf, rugby and watching Stoke City; holidays with my family.
Dislikes: Jobsworths who refuse to apply common sense to a situation.
julian ball
Rebecca Dermody, Accounts Senior
As accounts senior my role is to provide accounting,
tax and administrative services to our personal service
company contractors.
About me: After an early career managing a hair and
beauty wholesale store, I made my first steps into a
financial role and began studying the AAT via distance
learning. In 2008 I took the opportunity to live and study
in the USA after my parents moved there. It was a very
exciting and rewarding experience. I generally enjoy
learning new technical skills as I find this helps make my
job more interesting and relevant.
Career/personal high: Passing the first stages of the AAT qualification, completing exams in dancing and competing in dance competitions.
Likes: Travelling, sun, music and learning Spanish.
Dislikes: Flying.
rebecca dermody
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