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A sneak peak at our forthcoming online developments

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Wednesday 24th Aug, 2011

Having access to your account online when you're a busy contractor is very important, this is why we've been dedicating lots of time and resource into adding new functionality and improving existing functionality by streamlining processes throughout our portal systems.

We've got a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline but we've promised not to let too many cats out of the bag, so the following are two of our favourites!

Introducing our new PSC Portal

Over the past few months we've been working on some enhancements to the portal for our PSC customers. These are now undergoing the first round of testing and should be with you soon but for those of you who can't wait any longer, here's a quick preview from the design guys.

The concept is to present customers with a clear and concise dashboard view of their company's accounts with easy access to detailed information when required. This is just the first phase, with more functionality already in development.

The release of our new Timesheet functionality

Also just out of development and being rolled out to customers as we speak, is the ability to enter timesheets electronically, this doesn't apply to all billing methods, but if it fits, you should find the addition of a "timesheets" in your navigation menu within your online portal.

So what's next..??

As previously mentioned there are currently lots of things still in the pipeline but we're always looking for ideas and suggestions on how to improve our online systems, so if you do have anything that you'd like to suggest please email our IT Manager on or tweet @PayStreamLTD if there's something that would make a great new feature!
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