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Contractor vacancies up 27% from last year

Umbrella company contractors will be interested to hear that while there has been a slight decline in advertised salaries in the UK over the past few weeks, the pay levels on offer to many have in fact increased during the last 12 months.

As the ongoing skills shortage continues to affect many of the country's most prolific industries, firms are likely to up their pay offerings further in the hope of attracting the best talent.

The latest Adzuna Job Market Report reveals that demand for both umbrella company and limited company contractors increased during August 2015 as companies attempted to gain access to specific skills and found themselves unable to recruit full-time workers.

Altogether, the number of vacancies advertised in the UK increased by two per cent between July and August.

What's more, in comparison to August 2014, an additional 27.1 per cent of roles are now waiting to be filled, highlighting just how much contractor opportunities have grown over the last 12 months.

In terms of pay rates, the average advertised rate in Britain decreased by 0.6 per cent from July to August, but umbrella company contractors operating in certain sectors will be pleased to hear that the pay rate offered to them has in fact increased over the course of the past year.

Those taking on temporary positions in the travel sector will have seen their pay rate increase by 3.6 per cent between August 2014 and August 2015, while the advertised salaries for HR workers have risen by 3.1 per cent.

The pay offered to construction contractors has climbed by 2.7 per cent over the past year and there have been increases of 2.2 per cent and 1.8 per cent for short-term jobs in the scientific and IT sectors respectively.

Adzuna found that more and more contractors are recognising the benefits of gaining experience in the UK's IT industry, as positions at digital start-ups were among the most viewed on the recruiter's website during August.

Co-founder of Adzuna Andrew Hunter commented: "Tech start-ups continue to appeal to a variety of job hunters, with vacancies increasing as consumer demand for online services grows.

"The broad range of music, gaming and events services shows that the industry's potential is phenomenal and employment opportunities in the sector will continue to climb."

However, he added: "It's getting harder to source skilled workers in the UK for industries such as trade and construction and IT, even though there are many vacancies on offer."

Mr Hunter's final statement highlights the importance of contractors working to gain extra skills-based qualifications so they can offer the maximum value possible to the clients they work for.

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