Self-employment status questions

Please complete this form as thoroughly and honestly as possible in order for us to give you an accurate opinion on your likely employment status. If you need clarification on any of the questions please contact us on 0161 923 0213 or email If you disagree with our opinion, you are welcome to provide further information for us to consider. You may also obtain a second opinion at your own cost from HMRC directly.

Personal and Assignment details

Daytime Number*
Hirer / End Client*
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Details regarding your current assignment

1. What work will you be doing? Please describe your typical working day*
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2. Are you working on a project or delivering a specific product?

3. Do you hold a specialist skill or experience that the Client is relying on?

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4. Do you have a supervisor who will oversee your work as you do it to ensure you're doing it right? (ie supervising your skills)
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5. Do you determine how to do the work without any input from the Client (subject to following health, safety and security policies?)

Comments / Details - If no, does the client decide how the work must be done; or alternatively, do you decide how the work needs to be done with the client?

6. Have you, or will you, receive training and / or appraisals from the Client to help develop your skills and knowledge?

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7. Do you receive instruction, guidance or advice from the Client as to how the work must be done?
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8. Do you have flexibility to choose what hours and schedule you work to (subject to meeting deadlines)?

Comments / Details - If no, do you agree a schedule with the client; or alternatively, does the client decide your schedule?

9. Does the Client have the power to move you from one job to another without you having the opportunity to negotiate a new contract?

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10. Do you provide your own equipment on this assignment? If so, please describe what you provide.
If not, why is it necessary to use the Client's equipment and have you received training in how to use the equipment?

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11. If for any reason you are unable to provide your services to the Client, could you ask a suitably qualified person to perform the services in your place? If you have already used a replacement, please provide details.

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Please tick as relevant:

I don't need anyone to tell me how I should do my work, I am paid to decide this for myself, provided only the end result of what I do meets quality standards.

I need someone to tell me and/or show me how to do the job.

Apart from being told what it is that needs to be done, I expect to organise how I spend my own working time myself, to do the work in my own way.

I need someone to manage my working time for me.

Further information

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