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Convenience is the name of the game with PSC Insight, as all the key information about your company is kept in the one place.


  • Your company bank account statement is available so you can view it alongside your company information.
  • PSC Insight stores a copy of every single income statement that has ever been produced meaning that there is no need for you to keep a copy. We keep them safe and secure.
  • Expenses can be dealt with in a matter of minutes and losing your receipts will become a thing of the past as you can upload a copy of your receipt and assign it to the relevant claim if you wish. We will keep it safe and secure should you ever need a copy.
  • You can access useful documents such as income statements, bank statements and profit and loss statements at the click of a button.

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What our clients think
I have been given an excellent and exemplary service. Nothing ever seems too much trouble and this aligned with the new technology you are using to allow PSC clients to look at their business bank statements and run P&Ls for periods of choice, makes you look very good indeed from a client perspective.
- D. Mackinlay, Project Manager
PSC Insight - keeping it simple

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