PSC Insight - Interested in the details?

For those wanting to drill down further into their company finances, additional information is available.



  • With PSC Insight you'll have access to a profit and loss statement which provides further detail on any revenue your company has generated versus the costs and expenses it has incurred. This statement allows you to determine what profit the company has achieved during the current financial year.
  • You can also easily download your weekly income statements, which gives you the overall financial position of your company and details all of the finer financial calculations.
  • The task of declaring dividends used to be a time consuming one for a director, not now with a tool that makes it clear to see the profits available to declare and simplify documentation at a click of a button.

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What our clients think
Let me take this opportunity to compliment the company and say how pleased I am with the service that PayStream is offering. It's been a very slick service so far and you've been one step ahead showing full understanding of the process, including sending me forms to fill in prior to HMRC sending them to me. Very reassuring!
- David Latham, Contractor
PSC insight - keeping it simple
PSC Insight - making it convenient

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