Tax Investigation Protection Service

Expert Knowledge
PayStream have the knowledge and in-house expertise to provide full professional help and advice if you are ever the subject of a personal tax investigation. Knowing that you have a professional and experienced team on hand provides you with added peace of mind.
Professional Representation
Due to the technical nature of enquiries it can be essential to have a team of experts representing your personal tax affairs. PayStream will deal with the tax authorities on your behalf, handle all of the correspondence, attend any HMRC meetings and negotiate the best possible results for you.
Professional fees cover
PayStream clients will benefit from cover on their personal tax returns completed by PayStream over the last 5 years giving you the added peace of mind that you will not incur hefty tax fees should you be subject to a personal tax investigation.
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HM Revenue and Customs have increased their activity and are more likely to investigate individual returns meaning that there is now a greater chance of being subject to a tax investigation. This increase in HMRC activity means that you could find yourself subject to a tax investigation and you have no choice but to co-operate with the enquiry.

What could I be subject to?

A tax investigation is not only a laborious and lengthy process but the cost of expensive tax advice and associated work can be considerable.

An HMRC tax investigation can be a very complicated process so it is crucial to ensure that your tax affairs are handled in a professional manner.

Irrespective of the enquiry outcome, tax advice and the associated cost of the work will need to be carried during the investigation and without tax investigation protection these costs will fall on you to pay.

How can PayStream help?

So what does it cost?

What do I do next?

For a small fee of just £30 + VAT, our tax professionals will support you through an enquiry and when you think that the work and associated costs of a typical tax investigation are in excess of £3,000, the figures speak for themselves.

Don't run the risk of heavy professional fees, contact our Tax Team today on 0161 929 6000 (option 3) or via email

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