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Contractors value mums' advice

Our mums are there to offer advice throughout our lives, so it's only natural that 54.6 per cent of contractors, freelancers and other workers turn to their mums to help them to decide whether or not to accept a job offer at some point during their career.

This is according to a CV-Library survey of 1,000 people published to coincide with Mother's Day last weekend, which also led to the discovery that mums have helped 53.6 per cent of workers to understand the value of gaining a wide range of experience.

In addition, 38.6 per cent have turned to their parents when deciding which subjects to study to set them up for the world of work.

What's more, 21.5 per cent of UK contractors have been helped with interview prep by their mums and 17.3 per cent have even turned to them for advice when writing CVs or cover letters. Meanwhile, more than one-fifth of those questioned said that their mum had inspired their own career path.

Together, these findings demonstrate just how valuable mums' advice and support can be when entering the world of work as a limited company contractor.

Lee Biggins, Founder and Managing Director of CV-Library, commented: "From making the right choices throughout your education to securing an interview and landing the job, the world of work can be difficult to navigate. It's clear from our data that many workers rely on their mother for help on making these all-important decisions and it's no wonder.

"For most of us, our mum is a very influential part of our lives and it is therefore unsurprising that so many professionals are turning to their mum for career advice."

The survey results also showed that 11.3 per cent of workers have directly followed their mother's career path, while others have instead taken on board valuable advice from their mums when navigating their way through the professional world.

For example, 14.3 per cent said their mums stressed the importance of working hard in order to climb the career ladder and 15.5 per cent had the benefits of a good job emphasised to them by their mothers. More than one-third (39.3 per cent) of respondents reported that their mums had instilled a good working ethic into them, which had benefited them in their career.

Meanwhile, when it comes to writing CVs, mums can play a valuable role in pointing out an individuals' best points, which they themselves may not be willing to stress, but that could potentially help to secure a new contract.

Therefore, whether a limited company contractor or freelancer already has a contract or is looking for a new one, this research suggests that mums have lots of important advice to pass on when it comes to navigating the world of work.

Image: monkeybusinessimages via iStock

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