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Postcodes for best work-life balance revealed

Contractors and freelancers often choose to work for themselves so they can achieve an improved work-life balance, but could the postcode that they live in have an impact on this?

The Royal Mail has published a new report revealing what it believes to be the best postcodes in the UK for people to achieve a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives.

Factors taken into account included commuting times, as well as access to good schools and green spaces, which are all metrics that could help to improve the wellbeing of limited company contractors and freelancers who work by themselves from home.

In England, the CH63 postcode in Bebington on the Wirral remains the best place to achieve a good work-life balance in the country, while the G78 postcode in Neilson, East Renfrewshire was named the best place to live in Scotland.

In Wales, people with the CF63 postcode in Barry were most likely to be achieving a healthy balance between work and their personal lives, with the BT65 postcode for Craigavon coming out top in Northern Ireland.

Steve Rooney, head of Royal Mail's Address Management Unit, commented: "Royal Mail delivers to nearly 30 million addresses across the UK, connecting communities and businesses. This new report builds on the study that we commissioned two years ago and provides unique insight into the most desirable places to live and work, through the lens of the postcode."

The majority of the locations deemed to be the best for achieving a good work-life balance were suburbs close to major cities, with Bebington within easy reach of both Chester and Liverpool and Barry near to Cardiff, for example.

As a result, this makes them ideal locations for contractors, freelancers and other self-employed individuals. This is because they can work from home if they want to, with just a short journey to the nearest big city if they need to meet with clients face-to-face.

What's more, with access to good schools nearby, their days don't have to be taken up with long school runs, allowing them to devote more time to their contractor assignments.

Meanwhile, open green spaces within close proximity also enable homeworkers to get outside to enjoy some exercise and fresh air during their breaks, which can help to boost their productivity levels later in the day, as well as their overall wellbeing.

Many of the postcodes featured in this year's list also featured in the survey results when it was conducted in 2015, but one of the most notable differences over the past two years is that more locations in southern England made the list. Last time, just three places in the south were seen to be conducive to achieving a healthy work-life balance, but this has since increased to six.

Image: ZoitanFabian via iStock

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