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Contractor Pensions

As a Contractor your remuneration is structured to maximise your earnings potential, however, how does this impact on your pension planning arrangements?

Our in-house Financial Advisors Haven, provide access to their 'Pension Desk' which can provide help and support with all things pension related.

The Pension Desk

With over 25 years of Industry experience Haven can guide you through the pension maze and help you structure your planning to reflect your individual circumstances. Whether you have existing plans from previous roles or are looking to start from scratch, Haven can help you make sense of the options.

Pension FAQs

How much should I be paying into a pension plan?
Usually a percentage of your Billed Income but this can vary with age, when you wish to retire and income required. Haven's Pensions Specialists can help you further with identifying what this amount should be.
Should I pay in monthly or annually?
Most people choose monthly because it's more manageable, however either options are available.
Should I be making contributions or my business?
An Employer contribution is the preferred option but either are available.
What about my old pensions from previous jobs?
You need to know if they are they 'Fit for Purpose' because you may need to transfer them. Haven's Pensions specialists can help you to review your old pensions and advise what the best action to take should be.
What happens if my contract ends?
Any new arrangement would have the flexibility to accommodate this. For more information we recommend you speak to one of Haven's Pension Specialists.
Am I too old to start a pension plan?
If you are working and earning then pension planning should be considered.
What do the ‘Pension Freedom’ rules mean for me?
That you are now in control of how and when you access your retirement benefits.

What do I do next?

For more information regarding your personal circumstances in regards to your pension options, or for any other pension related query you may have, simply email, complete the form opposite or call 0161 923 0009 to arrange a free, no obligation, call.