Accountancy Service for PSC's

Why choose a limited company service?

The main benefit of working as a limited company contractor is the increase in take-home pay. A limited company contractor can take home as much as 85% of their top line income, compared to 60% with PAYE or 70% with an umbrella service.

Can any contractor work under a limited company?

There are certain criteria that a contractor has to meet in order to work in this way, the most important being that they shouldn't fall inside IR35. There are also other considerations such as length of contract and pay rate. Our new business consultants will discuss your circumstances in detail and where required carry out an IR35 review of your contract and working practices to make sure they comply with the legislation.

What’s involved with running a limited company?

As you become the director of a limited company you do have certain responsibilities such as deciding how you're going to be paid, whether to register your company for VAT and preparing and filing your statutory documents. If all this seems a little daunting, don't panic - at PayStream you'll have a dedicated accounts team who'll help with all of the above, including preparing draft accounts for you to sign and filing them at Companies House on your behalf.