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Umbrella contractors could benefit from 86,000 NHS vacancies

Wednesday 26th July, 2017
There are more than 86,000 vacancies across the NHS at present that could be filled by umbrella company contractors with experience of working in the medical sector.

New statistics collated by NHS Digital show that nurses and midwives are in particularly high demand at the moment, with 11,400 unfilled positions in this field recorded as of March 2017, meaning that the total number of vacancies may have increased even further in the past few months.

Overall, 8,000 more vacancies have become available across the health service since May 2016, signalling high demand for umbrella company contractors.

More than 50,000 of the opportunities currently on offer within the NHS could be suitable for part-time or temporary workers, as just over 30,000 advertised vacancies on the NHS Jobs website as of March this year were for full-time positions.

As a result, demand for umbrella contractors is at its highest position across the healthcare sector since February 2015.

The health service has been increasing its headcount over the past few years, with a spokesperson for the Department of Health explaining: "We expect all parts of the NHS to make sure they have the right staff, in the right place, at the right time to provide safe care, which is why there are almost 32,400 more professionally-qualified clinical staff including almost 11,800 doctors and over 12,500 more nurses on our wards since May 2010."

However, with over 80,000 NHS vacancies according to the latest figures, it is clear that more needs to be done to fill these roles by both the health service and the government.

In the meantime, reliance on umbrella company contractors is likely to increase, while NHS Improvement does have a new worker retention scheme in place and health secretary Jeremy Hunt has promised more places for medical students in the coming years to help fill the high volume of vacancies.

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