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Adecco tells umbrella company contractors that demand is high for flexible workers

Wednesday 9th November, 2011
One of the UK's biggest recruitment agencies says that the flexible job market is growing, in what is likely to be good news for contractors working through an umbrella company.

While announcing its third-quarter financial figures, Adecco said that companies are continuing to look for flexible working while the economy remains in a difficult period.

The company said that its UK and Ireland sales increased by two per cent in the third-quarter to €424 million (£364 million), suggesting the recruitment market is growing in these areas.

In a statement quoted by the Financial Times, Adecco said that employers are looking for flexibility when they are hiring.

"Despite the sluggish GDP development in most countries, our clients need flexibility and we continue to see good demand for our services," it said.

According to research published by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals last month, it works the other way too. Around 36 per cent of workers questioned said they would prefer more flexibility from their employers.

Posted by Ben Evans

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