PSC Insight offers a simple, useful and intuitive way to access those important figures whenever you need them, including:
What our clients think
As I have said many times before, the service you have offered me has been exceptional & you take the time to explain everything to me which makes accounting a lot clearer.
- T. Torrance, Contractor
I have been given an excellent and exemplary service. Nothing ever seems too much trouble and this aligned with the new technology you are using to allow PSC clients to look at their business bank statements and run P&Ls for periods of choice, makes you look very good indeed from a client perspective.
- D. Mackinlay, Project Manager
Let me take this opportunity to compliment the company and say how pleased I am with the service that PayStream is offering. It's been a very slick service so far and you've been one step ahead showing full understanding of the process, including sending me forms to fill in prior to HMRC sending them to me. Very reassuring!
David Latham, Contractor

Members benefits of PSC Insight

Manage your company finances the easy way - with PSC Insight

PSC Insight is our innovative online portal, which every contractor who joins our full limited company service 'My PSC' gets access to. It has been specially designed to help you shine a light on your company finances quickly and conveniently, whenever you want.

What does it do?

  • The dashboard which gives you an up to date snapshot of your company finances in in one quick glance

  • An account summary that lets you know straight away what to keep back for tax and what is available to withdraw
  • A to do list from your dedicated accounts team, advising you on what needs to be done and when
  • A tax timeline that will help you plan tax payments well in advance, making it much easier to stay on top of your company finances
  • Our Expenses portal which takes the hassle out of claiming for your expenses and with our mobile app you can log your expenses on the go

  • Quick and easy access to your weekly income statements

  • A referrals dashboard that allows you to keep track on who you have referred to us and how much you are due in referral fees

  • A meet the team page which allows you to put a face to a name and lets you get to know them a little better.

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Anything else?

How does it help me?

Yes, lots. PSC Insight is your one stop shop for anything related to your limited company finances, whether you're after a simple financial overview or want to dive further into your annual profit and loss figures.

PSC Insight has been designed to make running your own limited company as simple and straightforward as possible, but don't take our word for it. View our demo video to see for yourself how PSC Insight provides everything you need to keep your company finances in sight, 24/7.

PSC Insight is designed to help you keep on top of your company finances by giving you the most up to date facts and figures 24/7. This way you can always make the most financially sound decisions.

  • PSC Insight keeps managing your company finances simple
  • Convenience is the name of the game as all of the key financial information about your company is kept in the one place
  • For those wanting to drill down further into their company finances, additional information is available in the form of a profit and loss statement and your weekly income statements


PSC Insights portal convenience
PSC Inisghts keeps things simple
PSC Insight interested in the detail

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