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Top 2011 limited company IT roles

Monday 16th January, 2012
Limited Company
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Programming and creating apps for Android phones are two of the biggest risers in the IT roles that limited company contractors took on in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Freelancer.com has revealed that applications developed using C++ and Java enjoyed some of the biggest increases between October and December, but it's the growth of HTML5 that's topped the charts, together with a prediction that it'll overtake Flash by the middle of this year.

Elsewhere, the number of roles for limited company contractors who develop phone apps for the Android platform enjoyed a surge in quarter four, which is testament to the success of the platform as a whole.

Matt Barrie is the CEO of the job site and he notes that "the sophistication and nature of jobs continues to amaze", noting that as well as usual roles, positions are being outsourced in areas like "astrophysics, genetic engineering and industrial design".

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