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New contractor opportunities continue to be created in UK

Wednesday 15th March, 2017
Limited Company
New opportunities for contractors, freelancers and other jobseekers are continuing to be created across the UK, with the country's latest labour market data showing that even more people entered into new roles in the three-month period from November 2016 to January 2017.

Traditionally, this is a fairly quiet time of year for activity in the jobs market due to it encompassing the Christmas and New Year period, but new data from the Office for National Statistics shows that the UK's unemployment rate fell to a record low level of 4.7 per cent during the quarter, indicating that new opportunities were being created throughout this period.

As a result, the country's overall employment rate remained at its current record high of 74.6 per cent, which means that some 31.85 million people in Britain have a job at present. This places the nation in a strong position as it begins to navigate its way through the post-Brexit era over the coming weeks and months.

Compared to the same period 12 months ago, an additional 315,000 people have begun working on new contracts, representing an increase of more than 2.8 million individuals finding work since 2010.

The past year has also seen a rise in pay rates for workers across the board, with an average increase of 2.2 per cent recorded over the last 12 months.

What's more, an extra 106,000 individuals have left unemployment behind since the November to January 2015-16 period, showing that there are plenty of new temporary and permanent work opportunities being created all the time across the UK.

Damian Hinds, minister for employment, commented: "I'm delighted by another set of record-breaking figures showing more people in work than ever before and unemployment falling to its lowest in 12 years.

"Employment is up, wages are up and there are more people working full-time. This is good news for hardworking families across the UK as we continue to build a country that works for everyone."

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