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Demand for aerospace contractors to increase in final half of 2017

Wednesday 2nd August, 2017
Limited Company
Limited company contractors with skillsets suited to the UK aerospace industry can expect demand for access to their talents to increase over the remainder of 2017, a new report suggests.

Consilium Recruit has published its 2017 Aerospace Salary Survey, which provides an in-depth look into the sector's current hiring and jobs landscape.

The report found that more than half of aerospace firms are planning to take on more workers in the final half of this year, creating new opportunities for personal service company contractors and freelancers as a result.

It was found that the skills shortage is continuing to cause recruitment struggles in the sector, but this is not deterring businesses from looking for extra workers, meaning they are more likely to turn to limited company contractors and others who are willing to work on a temporary basis.

In fact, figures show that the number of orders the aerospace industry has been tasked with completing currently stands at an all-time high, so there is plenty of work available for contractors who can demonstrate that they have skills coveted by the sector.

Another reason for the expected increased reliance on contractors is the ongoing Brexit negotiations, which have caused uncertainty throughout the industry and an unwillingness to take on permanent workers.

James Charlett, Business Manager at Consilium Recruit, commented: "With severe skills shortages across the manufacturing and engineering industry at an all-time high, the government needs to clarify visa policy so that companies can not only attract much-needed global talent into the UK workplace, but also encourage those already located here that they are welcome to stay."

Contractors who don't ordinarily work in the aerospace sector but who have experience of working in the manufacturing or engineering industries could also help to support UK aerospace as it begins to navigate the post-Brexit landscape by putting themselves forwards for roles that their skills may be well suited for.

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