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Contractors with IT development skills in increasing demand

Tuesday 18th April, 2017
Limited Company
Limited company contractors and freelancers with expertise in IT development and engineering have seen demand for their skills increase significantly over the past few years.

According to new figures published by the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) as part of its latest Professional Recruitment Trends report, there has been a 25 per cent rise in demand for IT developers and engineers over the past two years.

APSCo drew on statistics from Vacancysoft, which also showed that there has been a marked rise in vacancies for IT management, support and analyst positions, as well as contractors with IT infrastructure expertise between 2015 and 2017.

This means that personal service company contractors with experience of using programming software such as Java, Objective C and Swift are likely to be in particularly high demand, while skills such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript will also be highly coveted.

Contractors based in London are benefiting from the biggest increase in IT vacancies, with the UK capital accounting for just under half (47 per cent) of all advertised job roles in the industry over the past two years.

However, it is not just in London that there has been a significant rise in demand for contractors with IT expertise, as vacancies rose by 14 per cent in the Yorkshire and the Humber region in the 12 months leading up to February 2017.

Contractors are taking advantage of this rise in demand for their services, with 225 new IT limited companies established in Bristol on average each year and 605 in Reading. While this means that competition for advertised posts is higher, contractors with the highest skill levels and a wide range of experience should find themselves with plenty of opportunities to choose from.

Ann Swain, Chief Executive of APSCo, commented: "Organisations of all sizes are developing an increased awareness of the need to innovate and keep pace with ever-evolving technological shifts, so it is somewhat unsurprising that the demand for IT developers and engineers is currently outpacing all other disciplines."

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