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Brits' top career priorities 'achievable through contracting'

Wednesday 28th February, 2018
Limited Company
A competitive salary is what UK workers want most from their roles, according to the results of a new survey.

As personal service company contractors and freelancers have the power to set their own pay rates, this suggests that more workers could be getting exactly what they want from their job by making the move to working for themselves.

The report comes from online recruiter CV-Library and shows that good remuneration is the top career priority for 58.1 per cent of Brits.

Next on the list was friendly colleagues, which was named as a priority by 48.2 per cent of respondents.

Although limited company contractors tend to work independently, there are an increasing number of co-working hubs popping up in towns and cities across the country, where self-employed workers can collaborate with others in a similar position to themselves. This means that friendly co-workers isn't something contractors have to miss out on.

Other top career priorities cited by those questioned included having room to progress (33.5 per cent), opportunities to learn new skills (28.2 per cent) and the chance to work flexibly (13.3 per cent).

What's more, 11.5 per cent of workers said they wanted to work close to home and 10.9 per cent valued having interesting daily responsibilities.

All of these are factors that can be achieved through contracting or freelancing. Contractors can work from home, meaning they have no commute whatsoever, they can decide when they'd like to attend training courses and they have more flexibility over their working hours, assignments and pay rates than traditional nine-to-five workers.

Commenting on the findings, Lee Biggins, Founder and Managing Director of CV-Library, said: "It's interesting to see this shift in career priorities, with professionals no longer placing as much importance on the role itself.

"It's definitely important to enjoy what you do and this should always be a priority when moving jobs.

"That said, the move is not surprising given ongoing economic uncertainty, as today's professionals seek financial stability."

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