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Automotive sector growth 'creating contractor opportunities'

Wednesday 19th April, 2017
Limited Company
The UK's automotive sector is currently performing strongly, meaning new opportunities for limited company contractors are likely to continue to be created over the coming months.

Figures published last month by the Society or Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show that the sector enjoyed its most productive February in 17 years this year, with output rising by eight per cent during the month.

This meant there was plenty of work available for automotive contractors, with a similar trend expected to continue over the coming months, meaning there should be even more work opportunities available for skilled workers moving forward.

The majority of the sector's growth during February 2017 was attributed to growing demand for British-built vehicles, which resulted in one car being produced every 16 seconds by the industry's skilled contractors.

In total, this equated to 153,041 vehicles, with 118,898 of these cars being exported overseas, marking growth of 13.4 per cent in international exports.

When added to the figure for January, February's output sees the year-to-date production total surpass 300,000 in the second month of the year for the first time since 2002.

In these two months alone, demand from overseas for British-made cars rose by 12.1 per cent, with this potentially set to increase even further as budgets are planned for the new financial year, which began for many businesses at the start of April.

As a result, limited company contractors with experience of working in a manufacturing setting and with other skills coveted by the automotive industry can expect to see demand for access to their expertise continuing to increase throughout the foreseeable future.

Mike Hawes, Chief Executive of the SMMT, commented: "[These] figures illustrate the continuing global popularity of British-built vehicles and the export-led nature of the industry.

"With eight out of every ten cars we produced destined for international markets - and half of those for customers in the EU - we must avoid barriers to trade, whether tariff, customs or other regulatory obstacles, at all costs."

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