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Are UK contractors taking enough time off?

Monday 26th June, 2017
Limited Company
Personal service company contractors, freelancers and other workers in the UK aren't taking enough time off each year, despite being entitled to some well-earned rest away from their job every now and again.
According to new research from Airtours, 25 per cent of workers don't feel the need to take time off from their job, while more than one-third (36 per cent) feel that they have too much on at work to take any time to themselves.
What's more, it was found that over half (56 per cent) of Brits use their holidays from work to run errands and carry out chores, while the main reason that others take time off is to attend medical appointments or simply use their days off up for the sake of it.
As a result, a significant number of workers could be risking burnout and hindering their own productivity either by not taking their annual leave entitlement or scheduling in some time off from running their own business.
Overall, Airtours worked out that 163 million days of holiday are being wasted by hard-working Brits each year, which equates to £17 billion worth of free work being carried out. Altogether, 40 per cent of workers do not take off as much time as they should.
Stewart Davies, Commercial Manager at Airtours, commented: "We can't believe that so many hard-working Brits are missing out on their annual leave; it's one of the best bits of the year! With work pressures and hectic daily routines, we all know how much they deserve a break from it all.
"So with 2017 in full swing now, and a whole new year of holiday days to take, we're getting behind our fellow Brits and encouraging them to take some well-earned time off."
Although limited company contractors and freelancers may not get a specific holiday entitlement each year, it's important that they still give themselves a well-deserved break every now and then to enjoy some time away from work, before returning to their responsibilities feeling refreshed with new motivation.
Even if workers don't have trips away planned, there are plenty of other, relaxing ways to spend time off work. Popular answers given by respondents to the survey included gardening, shopping, socialising, simply relaxing or carrying out home improvements.
Another factor stopping workers from taking their full annual leave entitlement was that people couldn't take holidays at the same time as others on their team, which was cited as the reason why 26 per cent of those with leftover entitlement didn't use it all up.
However, contractors, freelancers and other self-employed individuals don't have to worry about this. Thanks to the greater freedom and control that working in this way brings, contractors can choose the hours that they work and exactly when they take time off.
Additionally, support and advice is always on hand from PayStream's My PSC accountancy services, allowing them to properly switch off, in trust that their company is running well on their well-deserved breaks from work.

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