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52% of Brits 'feel their work-life balance has got out of hand'

Thursday 8th February, 2018
Limited Company
A growing number of UK workers are struggling to get a hold on their work-life balance and would potentially benefit significantly from contracting or freelancing, new research suggests.

According to the latest quarterly edition of the Qualtrics Employee Pulse, more than half (52 per cent) of Brits feel that their work-life balance has got out of hand, with one-third feeling unsupported by their boss in achieving a better split.

The report showed that this problem is particularly evident in the north-west, where less than half (49 per cent) of workers are currently happy with the balance between their personal and professional lives.

In London and the south-east, just 53 per cent of workers reported satisfaction with their work-life balance, while 58 per cent were happy with their current split in Scotland and, in the north-east, the figure came in at 60 per cent.

If workers are not getting the support they need from their managers to achieve a sustainable work-life balance, then taking the leap to leave their role to become a personal service company contractor with more control over their work could be a good solution.

Sarah Marrs, Employee Experience Specialist at Qualtrics, commented: "Work-life balance is a hugely important part of modern business and a key driver in keeping staff motivated and satisfied.

"The fact that so many workers are struggling to stay on top of their workloads is a real cause for concern."

The survey findings therefore indicate that a significant number of people would benefit hugely from making the move to work for themselves as limited company contractors or freelancers.

Working in this way would allow them to only take on the assignments that they had the time for and they'd be able to fit in their work around their personal commitments thanks to having the power to choose their own working hours. As a result, their overall work-life split should be able to improve dramatically.

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